While we were vacationing in FL, our friends, Dave and Sandy asked if we’d like to go shopping Florida style. We had no idea that meant a flea market. We went to the one in Webster and it was HUGE. It reminded me of being at the Minnesota State Fair in the coliseum, except that everything was surprisingly inexpensive. You could get everything from a bamboo back scratcher to a MN Vikings jersey to (supposedly brand name) electronics. (I questioned THOSE!) The day was the fun, the food was questionable and I thought you’d be interested in seeing my list of the 4 most unusual things I saw.

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    When we play BINGO with our friends Dave and Jackie at our local casinos, we usually forget our bingo dabbers, so I have a rather large collection. The problem is I never remember to bring them when we go, so we purchase two more. I’ve seen several players with several dabbers of all colors in front of them and think they must be like me, have had to purchase several but remembered to bring them all. Nope, they actually have bingo dabber bags and at the FL flea market, they sold them in 12 packs!!!

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    A P-EZ (get a load of this!)

    Specially designed female urinal, WHAT? The package says it allows a woman to go discreetly any time, any where (which may have come in handy at a few pit parties I’ve been too!) It boosts that it’s spill proof and reusable. I could go on and on about this one, but like we did at the flea market, we questioned it, shook our heads, took the picture so I could share it with you and moved on. No, I didn’t buy one, let’s just move on, shall we?

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    We arrived around lunch time and our friends said that there was “fair food” available, so as we wandered the grounds we kept our eyes open. There was lots to choose from. Philly cheese steak sandwiches, the ole’ stand by hot dogs and something that a Minnesotan would find unusual. Tamales, fried chicken dinners and what we got, chicken salad sandwiches. But, the food itself wasn’t what caught my eye. Instead it was what was under the picnic table. In the Northland it would have been sand, dirt, even gravel or pebbles. At the flea market, it was shells.

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    Everyone in FL raved about the benefits of coconut oil for hair, skin and cooking. I figured drinking something straight from the fruit had to be good for you too, but was still feeling the effects of the less than satisfying chicken salad sandwich, so I didn’t get one. While we didn’t have a taste, how the drink was made was definitely worth a stop at the Coconut Drink booth.