One common element that most of the new "fair foods" at the Minnesota State Fair share is a deep fryer.  Forty new options await fair-goers, as they visit the "Great Minnesota Get Together" later this summer.

The complete list is available by clicking here.

As the resident "Foodie" - my thoughts:

  • Decadent foods rule the list.  It seems like every year there is the "one-up" game going on, with foods being taken to the extreme.
  • It's nice to see some "Minnesota-flavor" included.  The Classic Walleye Roll has potential.
  • The current food-trend of bacon in everything makes it's appearance with the Bacon Ice Cream.
  • The fair makes a nod to gluten-free with their Gluten Free Risotto Poppers.
  • Camel Burger Sliders?