With the winter weather not being over, you hear it all the time, have a winter emergency kit in your car. Here is a good list of things to keep.

So what does one need in her emergency winter car kit? According to Jim Rink, my trusty source at AAA, these are the items every motorist should have stashed in his or her car:



flares or reflective triangle

distress sign

telephone change


first aid supplies

basic tools

a fully charged cell phone

Other recommended items are:





jumper cables

carpet strips, sand or kitty litter for traction

ice scraper and brush


chocolate candy (my favorite part)

As I initially perused this list last November, I realized how unprepared I would be if I were to ever have car trouble in the winter. I had an ice brush with a built-in scraper that really doesn't work that well. That's it. As nice as my ice brush is, it most definitely wouldn't be able to keep me warm or help me out in case of an emergency.


I always thought that if my car died, all I would need is a cell phone. Yes, I am that naïve. Forget about what would happen in my cell phone's battery lost its charge or if I was in an area where my phone couldn't get service.


And then there's this happy thought from AAA's Jim Rink: "Even if you call for help, especially under severe weather conditions, it may be some time before help arrives and hypothermia is a very real danger."

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