I know most people think their child is gifted in one way or another. Otherwise, there wouldn't be "Brag Books". My JJ loves to read, he reads above his level, and can retain information from what he reads. My Sam is writing his own songs, sings with rock bands like KISS and AC/DC and can play with 60% acuracy on rock band. (Which means I'm in trouble now, both kids are going to be smarter than me and will never be in radio...) Sure, I think they are gifted, you may not, but here are some tips to see if your child or grand child is gifted.

Many a proud mama and papa have deemed their tot advanced or ahead of the game, but most babes are only geniuses in their parents' eyes. However, some tots actually are branded as gifted. Is yours? There are a few developmental guidelines that often indicate giftedness in children, so here are ten signs that your child may be headed to the head of the class.