With everyone wanting to find the perfect thing for them this fall to keep in shape or maybe lose a few pounds, this will help. Most people attempt machines they have no business being on. First I should say you should have a trained professional help you if you are going to get a good work out with machines. Most of the time you can do your own work out at home or the gym without hurting yourself on a machine you don't understand. The bike, stair stepper and treadmill still are great machines.

Seated Shoulder Press Machine
What it's supposed to do: Train shoulders and triceps.

What it actually does: Overhead pressing can put shoulder joints in vulnerable biomechanical positions. It puts undue stress on the shoulders, and the movement doesn't let you use your hips to assist your shoulders, which is the natural way to push something overhead.

A better exercise: Medicine-Ball Throws

Stand three feet from a concrete wall; bounce a rubber medicine ball off a spot on the wall four feet above your head, squatting to catch the ball and rising to throw it upward in one continuous motion. Aim for 15 to 20 reps. Alternative: Standing alternate dumbbell presses. As you push the right dumbbell overhead, shift the right hip forward. Switch to the left side.


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