The Undefeated Twin Ports Ice Monkeys are playing for the Championship against St. Cloud this Saturday at 1 p.m. at UMD Field number 4. After a hiatus from play beginning in 2005, the Twin Ports Ice Monkeys Men's Rugby Team was  reinstated in the spring of 2012

Mitch Scudamore says, " We are really going to need some community support for this game, this is for the title and we could use some people on our side!"

The Ice Monkeys won the division at the end of the season and defeated number 4 St. Paul Pigs to make it into the finals.

St. Cloud came in second for the season and now is challenging the Ice Monkeys for the Championship.St. Cloud beat the Ice Monkeys in Exhibition earlier this season and Scudamore says ," All in all it was a pretty good match and nothing that we need to look down upon. However, we do still needed to work on some things."

This should be a fun match, the Ice Monkeys trying to win it all in the first year back, St. Cloud wanting revenge for the season.

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